Primate sexual anatomy

In many species of primates, females signal that they are willing to mate and capable of conceiving by displaying certain behaviors or through sexual signaling. The function and evolution of sexual swellings have fascinated biologists ever since Darwin. Female sexual swellings are usually most tumescent around the day of ovulation, when females are fecund and likely to conceive. Studies have found that when sexual swellings reliably signal ovulation, male primates allocate their mating efforts in accordance with these signals in an attempt to maximize their reproductive success.
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Primate Sexuality

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Primate - Reproductive system |

Anonymous, age and sex unspecified Dear Carole, Why are women so obsessed with the size of a man's cock — wanting ones 6 inches and over and kicking others aside when they really should be concentrating on the emotional connection and love being shared, putting the size of the man's cock right out of her mind? Carole replies: The origins of the primate sex drive go back more than 60m years to the late Mesozoic era when the first primate evolved. A lot of sex has taken place since then, and a significant proportion has been motivated by female choice between rival males. Through the mechanism of sexual selection, this will have increased penis size and altered structure. Today, the average erect gorilla penis is 3cm 1. Most primates, including chimpanzees, have a penis bone and achieve erections through muscle contraction. This unique adaptation is thought to have been selected through female mate choice, and by the time Homo erectus arrived on the scene, the hominid penis was significantly longer, fatter and more bendy than our ape cousins'.
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Female bonobo sexual swellings send mixed messages to males

The functions of the individual organs of reproductive systems are fairly uniform throughout the primates, but, in spite of this physiological homology, there is a remarkable degree of variation in minor detail of organs between groups—particularly in the external genitalia, which, by their variation, provide a morphological basis for the reproductive isolation of the species. There could be no more effective barrier to mating between different species than incompatibility of the male and female sex organs. The testes, with a few exceptions among the lemurs, in which they are withdrawn seasonally, lie permanently in the scrotal sac, to which they migrate from their intra-abdominal position some time before birth in humans or after birth in nonhuman primates. In all primates except modern humans, tarsiers, and some South American monkeys, the penis contains a small bone called the baculum , a typically mammalian character. The uterus of female primates shows all grades of transition between the two-horned bicornuate uterus, typical of most mammals, to the single-chambered simplex uterus of the higher primates and humans.
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Primate sexual behavior ; Sociosexual behavior in primates. It is influenced by biological and ecological constraints, mating systems, and social dynamics. Primate sexuality is an extremely diverse and complex topic, and notwithstanding many decades of research since the pioneering work of Carpenter in , we still do not have a unified understanding of the complexity of sexual behavior and the factors that influence sexual behavior in our closest relatives Dixson
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